Historical Sew Fortnightly #18: Re-make, Re-use & Re-fashion - Mid-Victorian headdress

As a mom of two boys going to two different schools September is always a bit scattered and my sewing and blogging often suffer as a result.  I've got lots of ideas and projects percolating but very little time to work on them as yet...but that should be changing soon as we get settled into the swing of school.

I did belatedly realize that the headband used to base the flowered head dress on in the bottom of this post qualifies for the HSF's challenge #18: Reduce, reuse, recycle since it's been something I've had around for ages.  So yay, another HSF done!

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The Challenge: #18: Re-make, Re-use & Re-fashion
Fabric: None.  Materials were fabric flowers, an old hairband and a synthetic hair braid I had in the stash.

Pattern: none
Year: Mid Victorian

Notions: Hot glue!

How historically accurate is it?  Not very since I used hot glue!

Hours to complete: about an hour

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $5