More Child's Play

I have been working on some other things for me, but don't really have pics yet.  But I've also been working on some stuff for the kids now that they're home for summer break.  They've been obsessed with Furbies for a while, but they have long been frustrated with my admonitions that loud talking electronic toys can't come on certain trips.  :P  

So a solution was reached - we make a Furby stuffies!  I based the pattern on the electronic Furby toy, draping fake fur directly on the toy then drawing seamlines.  I traced the ears, feet, faceplate, eyes and beak then had them cut out come of the pieces.  I sewed bits of felt on in layers to create the face, stuffing the beak with a bit of fiberfill.  Once the face was made I sewed the body together and stuffed it with more fiberfill.  While it's the 1.0 version and there is one thing my very particular customers are asking I change (the eyes) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Stuffie on the left, original on the right


  1. I like your creation much better! Very cute. :-)

  2. It's pretty awesome! They should be so grateful! :)



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