Fabric score!

I went to a costumer flea market the other day and got a few things.  Some cool pink Indian-esque fabric and made up sleeves from a friend, a cheesy red parasol to cover and...this fabric, a black with gold metallic woven check, probably shantung, definitely silk - the whole bolt for $60!  I went home and measured - 47 yards, so I paid less than $2 a yard for it!!  :O  35 yards are in once piece, then there is a big second piece and 2 smaller pieces.

black and gold

I'm thinking a giant bustle gown since I've got so many yards.  I can imagine a Regency gown, a hoop era ballgown and maybe a sack...how many gowns from how many eras will I make?


  1. Oh, wow! How lucky! It's beautiful fabric, too.
    $60 for 47 yards of SILK is just fabulous. :D

    1. I know - that's what you pay for muslin at Joann's!

  2. What anamazing find! I can't wait to see all the different periods you will cover (dress wise) with tha bolt.


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