Lumiere paint on fabric AND leather

Because I've gotten a lot of questions about the paints I used on my American Duchess shoes and just wanted to mention the company says they can be used on leather AND fabric.  Here is some text from the company on the paint:

"Description: Jacquard Lumiere Paints brush on like butter, slightly level once they are down, but are designed not to spread. This allows for smooth application to soft or flexible surfaces like fabrics or uneven textures like styrofoam, and it remains flexible and soft. They can be used on untreated fabric, leather, silk, paper and wood. They are opaque and bright, even on dark backgrounds and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage. They can be screened, painted, stenciled, marbled, stamped or brushed on with a soft brush. "

Incidentally I used a little more and half of a bottle to do three thin layers.  I don't know that you really need  that many coats.  And yes, there are a lot of colors!