An unexpected detour

So yeah, super CADDish lately, so many irons in the fire in terms of projects I need to do for events, projects I want to do and HSF stuff.  I had a friend come visit from out of town so of course a trip to the fabric district was in order.  I scored some nice silk taffeta at Home Fabrics - both bolt ends for $8 a yard. I got 4 yards of the plaid and 6 of the green embroidered.

The plaid is a huge one.  I figured I could knock out a cartridge pleated skirt for Dickens Faire pretty quickly and it would be something I could do on the patio when the weather is nice and I don't want to be in the sewing room.  Funnily enough while I know it's an often hated job and I have no love for handsewing I have no problem cartridge pleating.  I think because it's so mindless and doesn't need to actually hold up beyond my getting it sewn to a waistband.  I think have enough to make a matching bodice, like this, but if I don't I'll probably do one in black a la this fashion plate or the green jacket one here.

I'd really love to use the green embroidered fabric to make a polonaise and petticoat similar to this:
MFA Boston - Gallerie des Modes et Costumes Fran├žais. 21e


  1. Love that plaid! Can't wait to see it being worked on.



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