Sewing and sick

I've been struck down by a heavy duty cold.  Head full of cotton, nose full of...well, let's just say the drainage is bad enough to give me a sore throat and I'm going thru a whole lot of tissues.  :P  Not fun.  As a result I've had a pretty low key Sat and expect the same today.  I did do some more sewing on the velvet bustle jacket I've been revamping.
 jacket back
I dug out the remains of the beaded Alençon lace fabric I used in the sleeves and stomacher of my Marie Antoinette Black Masquerade costume worn at Costume Con 25.  It was quite an expensive lace fabric but I only bought a 1/2 yard and what is so great about it is all the beaded motifs are are separate so you can cut them off and apply them without having beads go everywhere.  So I cut out a bunch of the motifs and I have enough to not only decorate the jacket but also 2-3 more costumes.
Here's what part of the lace panel looks like and the the panel intact and with a motif cut out. It's a nice simulation of Victorian beaded motifs commonly seen on jackets like this.