Pattern Bar

My husband and I finally made it to the Pattern Bar last night and had a wonderful time.  It's a year-old bar in the LA Garment District with a pattern design theme.  There are antique sewing machines and old barstools in a slightly industrial 1920s looking space.  It's not huge so if you're planning on eating there too, as we were, you may end up at a bar instead of a table, but it's well worth the visit.  Heavenly designer cocktails with names like the Lagerfeld (which was what I had - skyy vodka, Kings ginger, muddled cucumbers, lime juice, organic agave, a dash of bitters and absinthe mist) and the Galliano (which my husband had - Spicebox whiskey, Kings gingers, fresh squeezed lemon) don't stint on flavor or strength.  And the tapas we had, L'Argula, Tortilla Espanola and the Poulet Poulet, were delicious and fresh and more than enough for two and the servers were all very friendly and laid back. 

And Pattern Bar is at 9th and Main downtown, a mere 3 blocks from Michael Levine!