My new Pomps!

My new Pompadour shoes arrived from American Duchess the other day, aren't they pretty?

Now those of you who know me know, I'm a bit of a shoe-o-holic in general, and an 18th Century shoe fanatic in particular. Aside from recovering shoes to make my own 18th C beauties I've also bought repro shoes from Jas Townsend, Burnley and Trowbridge, Fugawee and American Duchess.  I also happen to have hard to fit feet.  My feet are somewhat large at a 9.5, my toe box is wide and my ankles are narrow.  This makes finding shoes that work for me rather difficult.

So how do the Pomps compare?  I'm happy to say that they fit me!  And I thought you might like some of the fitting details so you can get an idea of how they fit you.  I got the size 10 and as said before I'm a 9.5 wide.  While they are a tad roomy (as 10s often are on me) I think some foam inserts will help.  They are definitely wide enough for my feet which may mean others on the cusp of sizes but who are more narrow might need to size down.  The fabric is lovely and the shoe looks to be sturdy and of good quality.  The toe is much more pointed than the Georgiana shoe, the latchets are smaller and have a metal eyelet for the ties.  The Pomps come with a a narrow synthetic ribbon which I found to be a tad slippery.  I was able to tie the shoes tighter so they'd stay on my feet better with a silk ribbon - and that's oh so much prettier anyway, isn't it?  All in all I'm quite pleased with my pretty new black shoes!


  1. They fit! They fit! I'm so happy to hear they fit!! WOot!

  2. Thanks so much for the review! It's always nice to see what 'real' people have to say about the American Duchess shoes. Makes me more ready to purchase a pair!

  3. I also have a wide foot and have a very difficult time trying to find shoes that fit, I'm so glad to hear that they fit you, I'll have to give them a try sometime.

  4. You're welcome! I've found that reviews of products really help me in making the decision as to whether or not to buy.


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