Mantua Madness: Organdy fontange vs organza fontange

Totally by accident, when I was trying on my two different fontanges to take photos I ended up in basically the same position.  So  I decided that would make a fun little animation to show the differences between the organza and the organdy.  Yes, the two fontanges aren't quite the same design, the organza has three shorter tiers and the organdy has only two and is a bit taller, but I thought it was neat to see  the juxtapostion. 
Both fontanges have millinary wire supports covered in fabric. When  I was looking at some trims on Etsy I had a sudden eureka that the satin ribbon I had used before, while lovely, was just too heavy and that the perfect thing would be a light weight wired taffeta ribbon.  So I bought some black rayon wired ribbon and ended up with what you see below.  

Swiss Organdy Front
Swiss Organdy Back

Silk Organza Front
Silk Organza Back
The funny little wired ribbon loops in the center front are something I've seen in some portraits and turn out to actually be very helpful in keeping it upright.  If I perch the fontange on my head, over a bun but behind my curled hairpiece it stays upright with ease.

I'm pretty happy with the finished fontanges, I finally managed to make something that had the lightness I was hoping for.  Which do you like better?


  1. Určitě jste mohli vidět své dovednosti v článku, který píšete.
    Svět doufá v ještě zapálenější spisovatele, jako jste vy, kteří se nebojí říci, jak věří.
    Po celou dobu jdi za svým srdcem.


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