Nostromo uniform from the movie Alien

Ash from the movie Alien
One of the big projects at our house in 2016 was for Halloween.  Halloween is our high holy day and most of the family gets involved.  This year we were all crazed for Alien.

So while my husband worked tirelessly on a 3D printed version of Ripley's flamethrower for me I  modded some existing clothes to make him Ash's Nostromo Uniform.

I started out with this white shirt and these white pants:


With much help from the folks on the Replica Prop Forum's Nostromo Uniform forum I found enough reference material to get started modding.  First I dyed them both light blue.  I initially used a diluted liquid version of Rit's aqua but it was a little swimming pool for our taste.  So I re-dyed it with a very watered down version of Rit's liquid royal blue die.

Then I cut the sleeves off the shirt, Ash's shirt is short sleeved, and used the excess fabric to fabricate the pockets, pen loops, pocket flaps and patches the uniform has and piped the collar and pocket flaps me pink piping.  There wasn't much left by the time I was finished!

The blue is really more like the pic below but this pic shows just how modded they are
Ready to fling his 3d printed face hugger at me

I'd actually bought two pairs of painters pants, there were so many extra pockets on the uniform pants I figured I could use one pair for the fabric I'd need.  Good thing too, I used nearly all of it!