Costume College part 2 - Thursday Night Pool Party

I got to the hotel early and after a little socializing I went over to the exhibit room to set up my Cersei birds dress for display.  My roomie Alyxx got to display her amazing Beast costume from a few years ago.

Thursday night is the official start of costume college with a pool party.  This years theme was It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World so there was a lot of awesome 1960s wear, sadly I only took a few pictures.

Alyxx   and Kim

Twila nailed it as Grace Slick from her American Bandstand appearance in 1967

And Jen

I had plans for a totally different costume but in my haste to finish other things that fell through and I went to my fall back - 1960s Star Trek.  The dress is from Anovos and I can't say enough good things about it.  It's fun, comfy and sexy.  I tried to do a sort of 60s style make up, had a TOS tricorder prop and put a bump-it in my hair.

Photo by Maegen Hensley
Selfie by me!


  1. OH huzzah! I am so happy you showed off our Cersei bird dress at Coco!!! It totally deserved to be in the Cavalcade!! Your Star Trek dress was fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more pictures from Coco!

  2. You all looked fab or Groovy, it was a happening, Baby!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing all your amazing embroidery close up on your gown. I couldn't believe the amoount of work you did on it.


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