At Both Ends of the Costume Continuum

So on the one hand I'm finishing up a bustle era ballgown for a ball next weekend, and I'm working on this Francaise for the Costume College Gala...

And on the other hand, I'm making props and modding flightsuits for a Ripley Alien cosplay.

Why yes, I am schizophrenic when I comes to costuming!

Is anyone else working on media/sci fi/fantasy/anime costuming AND historical costumes?


  1. Yes, working on an Elizabethan gown and planning a Civil War dress, while working on a Star Trek costume and the wedding dress of Arwen from LOTR.
    Things happen when your interests are diverse? :P

  2. I've got a Goblin King in the works for the end of the month in addition to all my usual historical stuff. Gonna be fun :)


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