Historical Sew Monthly #3 - Protection: 18th C bergere hat with pleated trim

So a little while ago my friend Chantal came over and taught me how to magically turn a placemat into an 18th C straw hat.  I got my hat about 1/2 way done then it languished for a bit.  I finally sewed the ties on under the brim and officially finished it the other day -  and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  

The Challenge:  Protection -  from the sun!
Materials:  Straw, silk taffeta, buckram 
Pattern:  None
Year: 1750-1770s
Notions:  Millinery wire, thread, wired sheer ribbon,  pleated lace, ostrich feathers and red silk ribbon ties.
How historically accurate is it?  Fairly accurate design-wise, but not accurate in construction as I machine sewed the millinery wire on and the straw is a modern placemat!
Hours to complete: about 4?
First worn: Not yet!

Total cost: In addition to the placemat base, which my friend Chantal gave me, everything else were little bits of ribbon, lace and fabric from my stash.  I was so happy to finally find the perfect use for some pleated lace my friend Jenny-Rose gave me ages ago!
Want to know how to make your own hat?  Keep your eyes pealed for an article by Chantal in Your Wardrobe Unlock'd a few months from now.


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