Foxy favor

I finished my Fox ribbon cockade last night. It's made of the same wool silk blend fabric that I'm making my riding habit waistcoat out of. I just made a long tube of fabric then cut it into short segments the ends of which which I pleated and sewed together to form the cockade. I added a little patch of fabric to the back to create the backing then sewed the button I'd embroidered to it and voila!

I think I now have all the elements to decorate my Fox hat save the ribbon I'm going to use to cover the millinery wire on the edge of the brim. It turns out I only thought I ordered it from M&J Trimming.  Doh!!


  1. LOOOOVE it! Ok, now hurry up and get it completed...I can't wait!!!

    1. Hhahaha, I'm trying.

      Thanks Gina! Your comments always brighten my day!


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