Effie Returns!

Last time I made an Effie Trinket costume it was the hot pink one she wears during the first Reaping. I decided Effie was so much fun to cosplay that I needed another one of her costumes so I've started work on this purple outfit which I plan on wearing at the Costume College Pool Party.

The skirt is in progress but I've had a few days where hand sewing was easier than dealing with the machine.  Dragging a machine to a waiting room didn't seem like such a good idea!  :P  So I decided to work on the little fascinator and flower corsage she wears.

I generally aim for a fairly accurate look without the pressure of trying to be 100% accurate, it you know what I mean.  So in an effort to replicate her hat I bought some pleated purple crinoline, purple butterflies and purple netting.  I coun't find puprple crin quite as wide as what they used but I think it works.  I used fabric from my stash to cover the base of the fascinator (just a small circle of buckram I zigzagged millinery wire to) and then I took apart one of the roses I'd had in my stash and used the petals as a template to cut more petals out of the dress fabric (a crushed purple velvet) to emulate the original.  I edged the net in a strip of bias silk taffeta from the stash then pleated it and attached it to the fascinator base then I stitched on the rose, crinoline and butterflies.

The corsage is just a base of buckram covered in purple fabric with a bunch of fabric flowers stitched to it and a pin back.

Incidentally, if you find yourself hankering for a Capitol City costume there is a great auction catalog of Hunger Games costumes here!


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