Time flies!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted again, when will the whirlwind that is life slow down a little?

I did a little sewing today, not much but still.

I've got a lot of little things I need to finish up on some projects.  I need to hem the Lost Hope fairy underdress, trim and do fastenings on the floral print gown and finish sewing the ruffles onto a summer bustle dress I'm working on.  A lot of it is hand-sewing  and I've got a long stint in a doctor's office on Friday so that should do the trick.

The print gown is for an event on Sunday so I'd better get on it!  Today I finally got the sleeves set, then added some ruffly bits at the neckline and sleeve ends for fun.  Hooks and bars should finish it.

I finished adding lace to the second ruffle on the underskirt of the summer bustle, now all I need to do is attach the ruffles, add some ribbon trim to the gathers and attach the hooks and bars.

Once all of this is done I'd really like to move on to my Cersei gown, I'm starting to feel like Costume College isn't that far off now, especially given all the other stuff on the calendar!  :P


  1. Those little glimpses look promising, I can't wait for you to show the full outfits! And I'm a bit jelous for Costume College, maybe I can save up vacation days and money to fly over there next year?


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