Bits and Bobs

Me in my Venus Jewelry tiara
Have you missed it?  I know I've been terribly remiss in these- between the holidays, school stuff with my kids and serious health issues I had to help my sister with,  I'm afraid I've been just too swamped.  But I promise to try and get back into the swing of things.

There has been a bit of a tiara mania going on amongst many of the costumers I know, so well call this issue of bits and bobs Tiara Thursday!

* One of the best things to come of this tiara craze has been Beauty from Ashes amazing tiara tutorial.  I just love what she's made and definitely plan on trying out her technique someone soon.

* Mistress of Disguise has also tried her hand at tiara making to rather spectacular effect, check out her Regency tiara here.

*  But I'm a bit lazy so I was excited to hear that Taylor of Dames a la Mode is working on trying to get a replica Regency tiara added to her store.  Those Regency combs are so pretty!

* It's a bit hard to see but not only does the new live action Cinderella have a stunning wedding dress but her multi-colored tiara is lovely as well.  I'm predicting we get some pretty knock-offs of these once the movie comes out.

* I couldn't help but do a little tiara shopping myself with all the buzz and I am happy to report that my Venus Jewelry tiara arrived quickly and was just what I was looking for to finish off my look for the Jane Austen evening.


  1. Looking so lovely! Love the tiara and all the linkies!
    Blessings to you!


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