Borgias costume day-dreaming

I do a lot of fiddling around with fabric and trim before and during my projects.  I'm a very hands-on visual person so pinning stuff on my dress form isn't just part of draping but is also part of my designing process - I need to see the fabrics together and feel how they drape.

Anyway, I wanted both my Borgias dress and my Lost Hope (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel) fairy dress to come from the stash.  I had a few stipulations - I didn't want to use fabric ear-marked for something else (obviously) I also wanted to use only fabrics I had 5 or less yards of so I can save the multiple yard stuff for things that HAVE to have a lot of fabric like bustle gowns. I really love how layered all the trim is on the Borgias gown and want to emulate that and also use the same sort of saturated colors as in the show.

Here's what I've come up with: some sari and jacquard trims, velvet ribbon, burnt orange changable silk and aqua silk.

I don't have enough of the aqua to do much so that will probably just be the sleeves, or parts of the sleeve and bodice and/or trim. And I've ordered a little more velvet trim in both the color above and aqua because I didn't have enough.  I might also get some narrow gold trim from JoAnn's, they often have good gold trims for cheap prices around the holiday season.


  1. Oooh! Those dresses are fabulous for using not so much fabric! Wow...I think I said that right. Anyways, what a great way to use up stash fabric while making something incredible! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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