Bits and Bobs

I've been very busy lately but will try to post more, sorry for the silence!

* Locks of Elegance has a great tutorial up on how to create a gorgeous curly Late Victorian hairdo, the perfect thing for that holiday ball.

* Have great historical shoes but need some stockings to go with them?  The Pragmatic Costumer has a great write up on Modern Stockings with Historical Flair.

* B*tch Pelisse! has another brilliant Dollar Store costuming hack, this time she creates some mitts and lovely stockings, check it out.

*  It's heresy amongst many costumers, I know, but I never liked the Little House on the Prairie TV show.  I'd read all the books before the series came out and I couldn't reconcile the 70s vibe of the show with how I'd imagined things.  It turns out that Laura's real life was very different from her books as well.  A new book, Pioneer Girl, publishes Wilder's original manuscript of her girlhood with additional research that adds even more new details to Laura's life.


  1. Great links! That Pioneer Girl book is heading to my Christmas list for sure! And the late-Vict. hairstyle tutorial is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was the same with Little House. I'd bought all her books with my pocket money, and the TV show just wasn't any of them. {shudder}

    1. Glad to know I wasn't the only one! The TV Pa was sooo 1970s - and didn't have a beard! And Laura lost all the nuance of book Laura and mostly was just whiney to me. I much prefer the books and the charming Garth Williams illustrations.


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