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*  Thanks to Jennifer at Historical Sewing for pointing out The Custom Wig Company's amazing guide to rollers.  If you ever wanted to see visual examples of just which hair roller did what, this is the place.  Definitely using this next time I style a wig!

* In costume movie news: The Imitation Game (out in November) with Benedict Cumberbatch  tells the story of how Alan Turing helps crack the Enigma code during WWII and looks to have a bunch of great 1940s fashions.  

* Here in Southern California we mostly have to worry about how to stay cool at the Renaissance Faire but those of you in more northern climes may have the opposite problem.  The Girl With the Star Spangled Heart comes to the rescue with a great blog entry on how to stay warm at Faire.

* The Victorian Needle has a great blog entry on mid-19th Century etiquette with humorous and informative examples from the Ladies Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness.

*  Are you in the mood for the eerie and macabre with Halloween around the corner?  Why check out the  American Horror Story Costume Design Contest?

* Speaking of Halloween, I received a few of the Game of Thrones accessories I ordered from the Spirit Halloween Store -  I bought Melissandre's necklace and the Hand of the King pin was very impressed with the quality, and others tell me even the costumes are higher quality than is usual for a Halloween store costume.


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