Bits and Bobs

* Marvel Superhero Experience -  This sounds like the perfect place to wear your Avengers gear!

*  Ever wanted to build an authentic 1973 Dalek?  It turns out that if you wrote to the BBC back in the day they would send you a set of these plans, how cool is that?

* The Victorian Needle has a great post on breastfeeding in the Victorian era, timely for any new moms or expecting ones!

* American Duchess has a new pair of shoes!  Unisex "Virginia" is a flat Renaissance era shoe that looks like just the thing for a long day at the Faire.

* I just love this headless Marie Antoinette costume and it seems like something a historic costumer might get a kick out of making for Halloween.

* Speaking of Marie Antoinette, Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century has compiled a bunch of playlists of music to help get you in the 18th century mood.

* Fashion Through History has a timely blog entry on historical fancy dress with plenty of fashion plates and photos to inspire you to get cracking on that Halloween costume.

* Looking for some wool as the weather gets colder?  Lots to be found on sale here at Fabric Mart including a lot of plaids for you Outlander fans.

* Circuit Scribe looks like it has the potential be very useful for costumers who use electronics.   Light it up!