Game of Thrones Costuming links

Obviously I'm obsessed...  :P  I blame my excitement last night's tonight's episode...

* Just in case you're a GoT costume fan and on FB - there's an active GoT costuming group there with lots of nice reference photos of the different characters.

* They were the ones who gave me the heads up about this interesting article by Hogan McLaughlin on Margaery's various outfits.

* After watching the videos and how to's on Michele Carrigher's website and seeing that much of her work is done separately from the costume construction and added later as an applique I feel even better about my plan for appliqueing the birds from the embroidered fabric I bought onto the costume.  The question is, for the aqua gown the birds are the main embroidered motifs and are relatively small, should I do the beading and couching of trim before or after construction?  Some has to be done after since it crosses construction lines.    I think I'll do most of the sleeve embellishment before at least...still working it all out obviously, but interested in any ideas on this or methods other people have used.

* Thanks to Katherine for the heads up on Italian mesh wire.  Michele Carrigher mentioned in on her website but I completely missed it.  This was the base for the big gold designs under the birds on Cersei's red gown.  It might also be the metal meshwork that can be seen with the dragonscale smocking on Dany's royal blue tunic.  Specialty Beads not only has the wire but also some really lovely Venetian glass beads that would be perfect for Dany's Qarth gown belt. 

* We're doing some spring cleaning and in the midst of a box of toys my kids were getting rid of I found this little guy - he's a "Terrordactyl"  kind of like a "Fur Real" pet only a dinosaur. 

Am I crazy to think he could painted and modded to be a decent (albeit somewhat cartoonish) baby dragon?  Added bonus (or fatal flaw?) he's animatronic and makes growling noises and snaps at people.

* Anyway, I loved that Katherine embroidered a bag with her house motto and thought it might be fun to see some links to houses/ sigils for others wanting to do a GoT costume that is NOT a specific character.   The wiki of fire and ice has a listing of all the major houses here and the minor ones here, most with their mottos and gif of their sigils.  There are also some nice large images of the standards from some of the houses here. 

* For those with a 3-D printer or access to one Thingverse has a bunch of the sigils for the houses as well, and said they'd be willing to add some of the minor houses to their collection as well. 

* On Spoonflower Mellymellow, who has the repro of the Marie Antoinette strawberries fabric, also has a repro of for Daenarys' Qarth gown fabric and Aimee has both the blue and the pink colorway of Dany's tunic fabric. Courtneyb2482 has a collection of fabrics with the HBO version of the sigils that might be fun to make small bags out of here.