Western Costume

I had a wonderful little outing with my friend Kendra at the Costume Society of America's tour of Western Costume.  Western Costume has been in the business of costuming movies, tv and private individuals since 1912.  They have a huge warehouse complex full of vintage and repro costumes from nearly every era, the sheer volume of which was truly staggering.  We got to see costumes from Hollywood's Golden Era, Vintage and repro costumes from period pieces in production now, and vintage costumes from a multitude of eras.  Here are a few of the highlights:

I was amazed at the sheer numbers - just look at all these boaters and top hats!

 Petticoats as far as the eye could see and a whole filing cabinet of pearl jewelry...

I wish we could have spent hours in the vintage section.  I fell in love with this sheer summer dress from the late 1860s and this candy striped bustle gown.  I guess I have a thing for red and white!

 There were some amazingly lovely teens and 20s gowns in their collection as well.  Just imagine what treasures these boxes of teens hats must contain!

I took over 200 pictures which you can see on flickr here.