Game of Thrones

While I've been trying to get into Downton and maybe psych myself up to make a new Regency dress for the Jane Austen evening I have to admit my heart is really in Westeros.  So I did a little retail therapy today and bought the Andrea Schewe's new Simplicity GoT inspired pattern.  I've got all the materials to do the aqua version Cersei's  gown, I even brought a repro of her necklace from etsy!

There was some talk of a GoT group at Costume College.  I think that would be pretty awesome, there are so many great costumes and fun characters.  To further the cause I thought I'd share some of my personal favorites.  Obviously Daenerys, Catelyn, Sansa and Cersei are the most popular and given they all have many lovely costumes there's no reason we can't have more than one of each!  But I like a lot of the other character's costumes too and some of them don't even look all that hard.






Or if you favor the warrior look there's always Yara


or Brienne