Sonic the Hedgehog's Shoes

I spend a frustrating last couple of days trying to mod some sneakers to look like Sonic's shoes for my younger kid.  She's been Sonic obsessed for a while now and has long wanted Sonic's shoes.  Crafty mom that I am I'd thought I could just mod some shoes to look like them.  But despite lots of online research the project was just doomed.  The shoes I'd bought were all man-made materials and none of the paints I used would adhere.  I worried that spray paints would react with the plastics in the shoes (something I've had happen with other plastic products) so I didn't even try them.  So word to the wise - when modding shoes chose those that are leather or fabric!  But despite my failure at creating the shoes myself I did manage to stumble on something that might help others on a similar quest. 

It turns out that many major shoe manufacturers now have custom shoes that can be ordered online.  Vans, and Nike and Reebok all have custom shoe services.  But Reebok beat out the others because it was not only cheaper than Nike but also had design elements that most lent themselves to Sonic modding.  You can also save designs and share them with others, so on the off chance any of you too have a Sonic fan here's what I came up with.


  1. It used to be that keds had fully customizable shoes. You could download your own print and get that on your shoes. However, they ended that back in 2011, I think. For a while, there was talk it would come back but so far, nothing.


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