What's next?

So why the radio silence you may ask...part of the answer lies in the fact that I desperately need to clean the hobby room and until I day not much is going to get done.

As far as upcoming projects the next thing on the docket is a new gown or jacket out of this fabric:

IMG_9854 I made this gown back in 2008 and while I still love it I want something without long sleeves and maybe a slightly different look to add to my 18th C mix and match wardrobe. (Plus when paired with the flowered headdress I think it would be perfect fabric for the 18th C day of the dead costume I've been wanting to do!) Other than that I've been wanting to make a new Regency gown (or two) and have some more 18th C and Bustle ideas up my sleeve. And there are a few ufos like the Tissot gown I'd really like to finish. I'd also love to make something for the HSF Green color challenge but I'm not sure I can do it given the time constraints.