The Costume College Home Stretch

I have gotten a lot done and it's it's been the best sort of sewing - a fiddling out of little puzzles and relaxed stitching.  Very peaceful and productive.  The secret project is very near completion and I think will be both hilarious and adorable.  Adorable isn't quite the adjective I was going for in this particular project, but the style I've chosen kinda makes it so, and there are worse things to be.
The Turque is almost done, all I need to do is hem it and add the sleeves and the back trimming/tassels.  I wouldn't  have been able to make this without a dress form, really the whole thing was put together and fitted by draping.  I'm sure there ARE other ways but that was how I did it.   So much of the back pleats and fitting of the over gown really had to be done on the form. I must say overall I'm pretty pleased it with it.  The whole outfit is very ridiculous, I don't think I ever would have chosen these colors to pair together had I not been copying the fashion plate.  But it's ridiculous in a sort of awesome way so I'm happy with it.   Hopefully I won't be too "Aunt Pittipat" in pink and teal.  :P

 Here's a crappy iphone sneak peek:



  1. Did I just drool looking at that dress? Nooooo (surreptitiously wipes mouth)

    It is beautiful!


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