Renaissance Faire with my kid

Sometimes it's nice to wear something old, to have no deadlines and no worries about what something will looks like because it's a much-beloved tried and true staple.  That was the case this weekend when I took my youngest to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

This was a sort of spur of the moment thing of, with out getting some last minute tickets so there wasn't time to make anything new.  So I got out my old pirate costume that I used to wear to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and was set.  Yes, I know 18th Century isn't the right time period, but given the plethora of pirates, barbarians, musketeers, fairies and Star Trek costumes one often sees at the Faire AND the fact that I wasn't staff buy a playing customer I was fine with it.  And J got to get one more wear out of her old pirate coat too!

There was much music, magic, shopping, photographing, puppets, drinking, eating and shooting of random strangers with her brand new marshmallow catapult (best toy bought at a Faire ever!) - in other words, we had fun!

This Friday I take my older one to the Faire with his 6th grade class and we do it all over again, whee!