Fabric Finds

So I caved on my fabric diet and bought some of the voile that Fashion Fabrics Club was having on sale, I've got a hankering for another big floofy summer bustle dress.

While poking around I noticed they had linen on sale too.  I've got more than enough linen in my stash but thought I'd share this find because it's a little unusual and perfect for my gothy friends looking for linen - a charcoal and black linen stripe.

It looks to be about a 2 in wide repeat, medium weight and 60 inches wide.  Might be just the thing for a gothic 18th C picnic gown.


  1. Stop it. Just stop it! I do not need more fabric... no really, I don't... And I don't need to buy more & try to make a new gown before a certain trip... ARRRGH!!!


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