Changing plans mid-stream

So if you've been reading this for a while you know that my creative process is very fluid.  This means that my grand plans and predictions for what I'm going to make often come to naught.  My muse often makes a sudden left turn and I follow. So I can be a bit of a tease, albeit an unintentional one.  I really DO plan to one day make the Marie Antoinette gown with the red belt and Fox riding habit and the red gown from Dangerous Liaisons...just not right now.  I've gotten better at not revealing plans until they're started but sometimes even then there is a course correction.  And my plans for Myth Mask and the Think of Me gown are one of those times.

Part of this is my husband's fault, you see, Myth Masque also happens to be on our anniversary weekend, so I really wanted to do a couples costume, one that we both liked.  And he just wasn't so keen on all the ideas I had come up with to pair his costume with mine.  And part of it is my fault.  I had parts of the costume worked out, but not all of it, so I was floundering a bit.

But I did have another idea that he did like - it's what I'm calling the "black bird." Raven or crow, the idea of a slightly sinister bird-like Victorian fancy dress costume appealed to the gothy side in both of us.  And I can use the black silk satin bustle skirt I've already made as a base for mine and his black frock coat as the base for his.  I found wonderful masks for both of us in the garment district and raided the stash for black fabric - cotton velvet and satin mostly.  I went to Mother Plucker lots of feathers - black marabou, turkey feathers and iridescent coque feathers.  And I'm happy to say things are really coming along.  I want it to be a bit of a surprise so I won't be posting pics of our costumes until we wear them but I may post one or more feathered accessories (once I finish them) for the next HSF challenge.

Here's an inspiration image:


  1. If you're two crows, you'll be an "attempted murder"! Terrible joke, but one that makes me laugh every time.
    Looking forward to the finished product :)


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