Flora and Fauna

Is the theme of the 9th Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge, which I love!  Aside from my known partiality for Victorian Fancy Dress and the obvious flora and fauna connections there, I just love the recurring influences of flora and fauna in costume in general.  Lovely fur muffs, feather trimmed hats and gowns dripping with flowers.  The natural world has always been a source of inspiration to me and I already have projects I'm planning to work on that fit right in with this theme!

A few sources of inspiration:
From a Museum:LACMA Butterfly and floral evening gown 1865

From a photo: late Victorian lady in fur and feathers from Morning Glory Antiques

From a painting:  Madame Molée-Reymond wears feathers and carries a giant fur muff  -Vigee Le Brun  the Louvre

From a movie:  The Golden Bowl, Uma Thurman in a peacock feathered Cleopatra Victorian Fancy Dress and another lady in feathers.  It's a downer of a movie but the costumes are lovely.
Source: google.com via Loren on Pinterest


  1. In the last photo, the hat on the lady next to Uma was also used in a fashion show on the House of Elliot. I thought I recognized it, and I looked thru the photos I'd saved off the tv. And sure enough, there it was. It was 1920s and that lady wore the band portion down around her forehead.
    I loved Uma's costume, in fact I loved all the costumes in The Golden Bowl.

  2. Yes, the Golden Bowl does have some lovely costumes.


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