First finished item of 2013: Big Cap of DOOM!

So I finally completed the Big Cap of DOOOOM that I started in the Costume College class Janea and Angela taught this summer.  I ripped out my lame hand-sewn stitches and machined most of the interior and did my machine's narrow hem on the cap edges. (Accuracy be damned, it looks SO much better now, I'm a terrible hand stitcher.) It's light and airy given it's silk organza and I wanted a BIG cap so I'd cut mine even bigger than the pattern.  And I got my wish, I have to say wearing this puppy makes me feel like Mrs. Miggins from Blackadder.

But there really WERE a lot of big honkin' caps out there in the 18th C so it's not totally out of the world of fantasy, here are some historic caps of DOOM:

So here's mine with the hedgehog styled "Lioness" wig:


  1. Yikes, that is large indeed! I bet that silk organza was annoying to sew by hand... (or machine, really). Looks good!


  2. It wasn't too bad, lots of pressing throughout helped.

  3. your cap turned out just fabulous!!! it definitely needs the proper hair to look correct, which you have! i wore the original cap for a brief photo shoot, and it just isn't the same over plan hair. great job!

  4. Thanks! It was a silly fun little project.

  5. Love the cap and love the wig! Did you make/buy it?

  6. I made the cap in a class that Janea Whitacre and Angela Burnley taught at Costume College.

    The wig is the "Lioness" but cut/styled by me.


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