The not-so-perfect pleater

One of the things I love about Tissot is that he often uses the same dress in several different paintings.  So far I've found 3 of the black and white bustle dress aside from the original one I posted:

Anyway, the last few days have been spent listening to NPR and pleating...and pleating...and pleating.  I've got the underskirt pleating finally finished, now I need to actually sew the pleated fabric to the underskirt.  And then I'm going to start work on the bustled apron overskirt.  I BARELY had enough for the third row of pleated ruffles and even then I don' have enough to go all the way around, luckily the overskirt will cover the un-ruffled back.
I'm saving the bodice for last because I'm not in the mood for pattern drafting at the moment and the skirt is a no-brainer.  I'm using modified versions of the Truly Victorian patterns as the bases for the costume: underskirt (TV201 ), overskirt (TV305) and  probably TV 871 as the bodice base with modified versions of the sleeves from TV410.


  1. After all the pleated ruffles on the Regency, I don't know if I want to attack the Tissot Citrus dress. Ugh!
    The stripes are looking sharp, though! This is gonna be a great dress.

  2. Thanks! They've been boring but also oddly soothing. I kinda go into a zen state while pleating that's rather pleasant.


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