Humming along

Still working on some costumes for Costume College in a few weeks. I finished the Bee Victorian fancy dress bodice yesterday and made significant headway on the eyelet bustle gown and the Movie Sherlock Homes (Irene Adler) gown today.  I actually ran out of thread (shakes tiny fist) for both and had to make a detour to the the fabric store.  While I was at it made another detour to the millinery store Chantal told me about and picked up some much needed supplies and some not very needed pretties. (see previous entry).

The bodice of the eyelet is fitting very nicely now.  I need to finish trimming it with more lace and more burgundy ribbon, reset the sleeves, then do the fastenings and I'm done.  Yay!  So great to get some UFOs off the plate!


The Sherlock gown is even closer to being finished - just a few more hooks and eyes and I can call it a day - woo hoo!  I'm leaving off the black wrap that goes with it for now.  I may make it one day but with the weather in LA being close to 100 these days sewing a wrap is the last thing I want to do.  While the original gown has, as far as I can tell, black glass buttons, I thought these iridescent blue/purple ones were too perfect to pass up.


Tomorrow I get some extra sewing time so I'm hoping that maybe I can finish up one or both of these.  Then I need to finish the net over skirt for the Bee costume.  Then we'll see if I get a wild hair to make anything else new...I've got a real hankering for a light summery 18th C and a bucket load of 18th C printed cotton in the stash just waiting for me.   ;)