2011 Costume/Sewing list

I actually like going through the list of what I actually made each year, although it very rarely seems to line up with what I PLAN to make.  Only a few things crossed off from last year's wishlist: the yellow striped Regency, poison polonaise, brown marseilles cloth petti and embroidered jacket.  Unfortunately, I have lost quite a bit of steam in the last few months.  I've been busy, tired and depressed, nevertheless it's heartening to see how much I did this past year (especially given boy illness/injury) and that gives me a bit of a push to do more.

Finished costumes
18th C  brown embroidered jacket
Yellow striped Regency gown
18th C gold and white striped jacket
Aqua floral 18th C polonaise and matching petti
Brown Marseilles cloth 18th C Petticoat
Poison Polonaise
Blue and white striped seaside bustle gown
Black and white polkadot bustle gown
Red and white striped "Sweeney by the sea" bustle gown
Harlequin bustle Fancy Dress costume
18th C tan silk breeches for H
18th C "cotton candy" gown
18th C pink organza petti
Little Red Riding hood for little A
Sonic Hedgehog costume for C
Angry Birds Bomb Bird costume for little H

Finished accessories:
18th C muff
Seaside bustle matching hat
Harlequin fancy dress mini-bicorn
Red Ridinghood for me

Finished stuffies:
12 Angry Bird Bomb Birds
2 Angry Bird Orange Birds
2 little kid bird plushies
1 Sonic the hedgehog plush

Didn't quite finish:
Eyelet bustle - need to just finish trimming and front fastening
Homes Bustle - need to alter neckline a bit then do fastening