Progress on Irene Adler

My Homes homage is coming along nicely so far.  I've nearly completed the skirt, it just needs hemming and a fastening.  It's not as complicated a back draping as I might like (or as the original) but I simply didn't have enough fabric to do much more than I've done, and that was a bit of a stretch!

I also got out the hat I had in mind and played around with trimmings for it.  I got this back in the early 90s in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and wore it all the time for a while there when the "granny" Victorian look was in.  It originally came with hat band of large faded pink parchment roses attached to a ribbon, but I've taken those off for this project and replaced with a hat band of black roses and pinned on a few hot pink ones from my stash to see how that looked.  Again, not exactly like the Homesian one, but I think it's heading in the right direction.  I think I'll go to Michaels and get a few different colored roses to make it a little more like the movie one...

I've already started perusing Hunnisett's outwear book that has a bunch of scaled patterns of dolman's in it.  I think I can draft/frankenpattern something together that looks like Adler's dolman without too much trouble.  I'll need to make a trip to the garment district for the fabric for it though, I don't appear to have any tone on tone black brocade in the stash.  ;)