Bodice work and trim decisions

Wow, somehow I got a lot done again!  By George I think I may finish it in time after all!

After futzing with the bodice for a while I finally decided the pattern I was thinking of using just wasn't what I wanted.  Instead I went back to a pattern I've used before, for the Daniel Deronda archery dress in fact.  The under "ball" bodice for that was a slightly altered version of the bodice to Simplicity 4479 (their non-liscensed version of Christine's Masquerade dress from the Phantom movie) by Andrea Schewe.  So I did a muslin of the bodice and tweaked it and made up a version in the diamond fabric.  I liked it for the DD dress and I like it for this, it's very flattering and gave me the bodice shape I was wanting for this outfit. 

Then I monkeyed around with trim options, pinning things on the bodice and fiddling with some dagged bustled over skirt ideas.  At first I thought I didn't want any over skirt but after playing around I think just a back drape with dagged edges would look cool.  As far as trim goes I think I've finally got it figured out.   I'm going to trim  the dagged overskirt the same as the underskirt and I think I'll put black velvet ribbon on top of the bodice seams to emphasize them.  I'll also use a bit more of the crazy expensive beaded lace I used on my Marie Antoinette "black masquerade" costume - a front motif and beaded net sleeves.  (And I was psyched to see I can probably eek out trimming for one more future dress from the few scraps I'll have left after this.)


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