The Force Awakens Costumes on Exhibit

I took some photos of the small group of Force Awakens costumes on Exhibit at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood.  I don't want to spoiler anyone so click on this link if you want to see them.
I also thought you might enjoy some of the non-spoiler fun things the theater did in honor of the movie:

Organist playing Star Wars theme with bad-guy logo in background

a fun laser "lightsaber" show before the movie

Street view of the theater

They had a teaser playing on continuous loop where you see R2-D2


  1. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

  2. Thank you so very much for the pictures of the costumes! Would it be possible to get a description of the colors of the two pieces of the Leia gown? The overgown looks like a textured wool or linen? (Husband and daughter are jonesing for me to dress up as her for our next Star Wars family outing)

    1. The underdress was a muted purple and the over dress was a grey with a slight greenish cast. I don'tt know what the fabric was, textured yes but it could have been a synthetic as easily as it could have been a natural fabric. It looked like couch fabric almost!

    2. I wondered if it might be an upholstery fabric! Thank you so much for the color descriptions. Sometimes photos don't quite capture the color, and that really helps me quite a bit.


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